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Welcome to Hillhandicrafts
Decorate your home with our Stylish, Fashionable and Affordable Handicraft Products.
It is our opportunity to present to you a verifiably exceptional determination of traditions and art converted into a scope of appealing handicraft items while guaranteeing a reasonable cost for each and every craftsman whose manifestations have been highlighted on this entrance.
Hillhandicrafts was conceived from an impassioned want among its originators to make a bigger canvas than what exists today, for all the excellent and unparalleled inventiveness that the straightforward craftsman of Bangladesh has been unobtrusively culminating for quite a long time. We would like to have the capacity to raise the poise of the Bangladeshi craftsman in our own particular little way. This gateway was considered with the sole goal of highlighting Indian workmanship and art in its most remarkable and handicraft frame, conveying it nearer to individuals over the world.
With the driving goal of making a reasonable value stage for craftsmen who have extremely restricted access to any market, take off alone worldwide markets, the site is possessed with a wide choice of items from each side of the nation, coordinate from the craftsman.
To respect Nature is to respect its maker and to shape questions by hand is a method of love. Bangladeshi artist’s expert is in this way the best preservationist who wants to live in amicability with his condition.


Works with the Hilly craftsmen so as to cultivate their monetary development, construct their ability and certainty to propel their strengthening; and to advance their artisanship through clearing their way towards access to fund and market.”


• With a view to accomplishing the vision and mission the accompanying hierarchical destinations have been sought after by the organization:
• To make wage creating open doors for socially and monetarily denied hilly craftsman families, drawing upon reasonable exchange standards.
• To make the objective families and the separate creating bunches independent by guaranteeing a stream of payments, empowering reserve funds, and upgrading aptitudes.
• To help to manage between generational aptitudes of art making keeping in mind the end goal to save national legacy, authentic and tasteful significance.
• To improve aptitudes of the distraught hilly craftsman by giving different ability advancement preparing to empower makers to procure a decent salary from their work.
• To present reserve funds and neighborhood asset preparation plans.
• To advance makers’ welfare and family monetary improvement, and put the standards of “reasonable exchange” by and by;
• Launching new and particular products and guaranteeing consumer loyalty;
• Ensuring maintained and noteworthy development in deals and benefit.
• Expanding the fare advertise past Bangladesh;
• To create and plan the products as per changing taste and requests of the market;


• Welfare of Hilly Artisans
• Assurance of value
• Transparency


Our sense of duty regarding makers:
• A savings plan for makers’ seniority security.
• A safe workplace and adaptable working hours.
• Healthcare.
• Training for quality change and products improvement.
• Incentives for creation amount and quality.
• Rights to partake in estimating, products improvement, the basic leadership of the association’s exercises.
• Prompt installment.
• Sapling dissemination for the preservation of condition.
• Equal wages for ladies and men makers.


Our quality:
• Roughly 3,200 maker families with more than 16,000 recipients, working in the hilly areas all through Bangladesh.
• Gift makers with high generation limit.
• Naturally handmade products.
• Very expert quality control group
• Current stockroom offices with dampness indicator and dampness control framework.
• The normal procedure for Product advancement.
• All around furnished office with present-day offices of correspondence
• Self-maintained association with no outside reliance.
• Normal purchasers in Asia, Europe, America and the Pacific.